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Service Notice and Agreement: You Agree by Entering Message.Earth that You are Over 18 and Agree to Remove Message.Earth Including All and Any Participating People, Directors, Partners, Networks and Affiliates from All and Any Liability Whatsoever. You Also Agree to Behave Decently and Respectfully on Our Private Messaging Platform. Membership is Reserved Meaning that if Members Complain About Your Behaviour or Conduct that Your Membership will be Terminated. Block Member and Block Messages from Members Feature is Provided to Block Unwanted Members from Messaging You. Message.Earth is Moderated, Meaning that We do Look for Bad Behaviour and Conduct and Block and Ban Bad People. Should You Find a Members Profile, Behaviour or Conduct Bad, Please Report Them to the Bouncer. Service Delivered Worldwide, Locally and Near You. Terms and Conditions: You Agree to Take Full Responsibility for Yourself on Message.Earth All Messaging and or Communication is Done So Between Yourself and Members and Visa Versa. Take Caution Messaging Members with Whom You are Being Connected to Accross the Internet. Use the Video Messenger to Make Sure You See Who You are Talking to in Video. Do Not Give Out Your Personal Contact Details and Beware of Fast Movers. You Further Agree to Remove Message.Earth from Any and All Liability in Your Communications or in Any Way Whatsoever. You Use the Messaging Service Entirely at Your Own Risk and Sole Discretion. Privacy Policy: You Agree to Take Full Management and Control of your Privacy on Message.Earth Your Profile is Created by Yourself and the Information You Provide is Provided by Yourself Too. The Message.Earth System Makes it Possible for You to Communicate with Members Without Disclosing Your Personal Contact Details. Use the System to Get Safety and Security Getting to Know New People on the Internet through Message.Earth You Agree to Manage Your Privacy and Remove Message.Earth from Any and All Liability Whatsoever. You Can Purchase Credits to Message Any Profile on Message.Earth, You Receive Unlimited Free Messages from Your Profile on Message.Earth Without Having to Pay Anything, 100% Free. You Further Explicitly Agree to Receive Notifications from Your Profile and From Time to Time Promotional Messages, Including Site Information and Technical Information from Message.Earth Site Moderation Message.Earth is Moderated Meaning that if Your Profiles is Not Socially Acceptable or Have Ulterior Motives Will be Deleted Without Refund. If You Purchased Credits on Message.Earth to Contact and Reply to Members Messages These Credits will Not be Refunded in the Event Your Behaviour Was Bad and Required Immediate Deletion. It is advised to Conduct Your Behaviour and Profiles in a Manner that is Compliant with Publically Acceptable Policies Including Local and International Laws. Any Information Can and Will be Provided to Local and or International Authorities in the Event an Investigation into You is Required and or Requested. Message.Earth Supports Good Community and Safety with Local and International Laws. You Agree to Conduct Yourself in a Socially Acceptable Manner and in Compliance with Local and International Laws. Anyone on Earth Can Create a Free Profile on Message.Earth and Receive Messages from Member Profiles on Message.Earth 100% FreeVideo Messenger: Use the Video Messenger on Message.Earth to Get to Know People Better and Talk Regularly Through the Message.Earth Video Messenger to Get to Know Someone. Should You Get Requested to Provide Your Contact Details or Messaged by Fast Movers, Refer Them to Site Policy, Compliance with Local and International Laws and Report Them to the Help Desk for Deletion, Reporting and Investigation. Help Desk Information Regarding Your Interaction History and Any Details Can and Will Be Provided to Local and Internatioanal Authorities on Request. It is Not in Your Best Interest to Take Chances on this Website and Cloud Messaging Service or Platform. You Agree to Conduct Yourself Appropriately, Socially Acceptable and in Line with Local and International Laws.

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